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The Dumb Waiter
by Harold Pinter


A 60th anniversary production performed at Hampstead Theatre in 2020.



Alec Newman

Shane Zaza


Direction: Alice Hamilton

Set and Costume: James Perkins

Lighting: James Whitehead

Sound: Giles Thomas

Assistant Director: Lizzie Manwaring

Photography: Helen Maybanks


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'It’s a measure of the success of Alice Hamilton’s 60th-anniversary production that it still summons a nearly intolerable dread, as the banter and banality is blotted out by descending darkness.'

(Sam Marlowe, The I****)


'Director Alice Hamilton gives the piece a precise, restrained staging where each methodical movement and protracted pause adds to a pervasive sense of menace’ (Dave Fargnoli, The Stage****)


The initially unnerving thing about Alice Hamilton’s horribly atmospheric production is how little Alec Newman and Shane Zaza look like hitman…Yet it’s in such everyday banalities that Pinter’s two-hander, enabled by Hamilton’s furtive detailing, accretes its inscrutable violence

(Claire Alfree, The Telegraph****)


Hamilton allows it to flex and growl and menace. This isn’t the cheeriest of birthday parties for Hampstead Theatre – but it’s not one you’ll forget in a hurry.’

(Andrzej Lukowski, TimeOut)

'Hamilton's meticulously detailed revival'

(Stephen Bates, Reviews Hub****)

Shane Zaza and Alec Newman
Shane Zaza and Alec Newman
Alec Newman
Shane Zaza
Shane Zaza
The Dumb Waiter
Shane Zaza
Alec Newman and Shane Zaza
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